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It was launched by Roger Kirk at am on 17 July 1990 and the first song played was "Magical Mystery Tour" by The Beatles.

The 'Magic 828' name was created by Bob Preedy who was a presenter on Radio Aire at the time.

National bulletins from Sky News Radio are carried overnight with bespoke networked bulletins on weekend afternoons usually produced in the Leeds newsroom for the Bauer City 1 Network in northern England and the West Midlands.

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Radio Aire is situated on Burley Road (Kirkstall Road) next to Yorkshire Television's studios and was the first Independent Local Radio station to have studios specially built for the purpose of radio transmission.

In the late 1980s, the studios were used for The James Whale Radio Show, which was a late night TV show, broadcast on ITV, Radio Aire and Red Rose Radio.

Radio Aire was launched on 1 September 1981 and was originally broadcast on 362 metres medium wave (828 k Hz AM) and 94.6 VHF (although the VHF/FM frequency was moved to 96.3 in 1986).

The station's network presenters include Darryl Morris, Marvin Humes and Wes Butters.

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The station, together with Magic 828 was bought by EMAP in 1995 and it became part of their Big City Network of stations and has maintained a generic branding with sister stations across Northern England since about 2000.

Following the acquisition of EMAP Radio, the station is now part of Bauer Radio.

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