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[an image of internal human body anatomy with numerous arrows appears on the MVPD's screen] There are over 50 different sphincters in the human body. Penny: Well, I would ask you guys if you want dessert, but I know Sheldon doesn't eat dessert on Tuesdays, and even if Raj wanted something, he couldn't tell me.Howard won't order anything, but he will come up with some sort of skeevy comment involving the words "pie" or "cheesecake", and Leonard is lactose intolerant, so he can't eat anything here without his intestines blowing up like a balloon animal.Despite 90% of scientific literature using The lanthanoid series of elements is that special part of the periodic table that doesn’t fit horizontally so is usually put at the bottom.

From lanthanum to lutetium these elements have room for up to 14 electrons to fill an oddly shaped shell around the atomic nucleus (called the “f-shell”).Penny: You know, sometimes stuff just happens and there's nothing you can do about it.For example, Lisa Peterson hasn't talked to me since the 11th grade because no matter how much you apologize, you can't go back and un-dry-hump someone's boyfriend.Theatrical lighting needs to be bright and just the right color.Lanthanum (57 protons) and cerium (58 protons) rods in arc lamps are extremely popular on Hollywood sets.

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If not for europium (63 protons), we’d still be watching Big Bang Theory in black & white, missing a key element in the red phosphors that made color TV first possible in the 1960s.

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