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A stand-up comedian caused the mother of a Down's Syndrome girl to burst into tears after joking about the condition during his set.

Barry Castagnola joked he looked like 'Daniel Craig with Down's Syndrome' on stage during a gig supporting Inbetweeners star Greg Davies.

this afternoon the last of my children left home...signed up for the services... so even i want my children to do well ...i find myself in this alone place...i will try not to dwell on it .. Most days I stay in bed and cry, it an effort for me to get my head off the pillow.

I loved raising my children and thats really the only thing I know how to do. My daughter has been out of the home for quite a while but she used to live very close and we did things together all the time.

My two kids left home in 06' and 08' so I've pretty much adjusted. I am devastated i feel you get to an age were your not...

I still miss them very much and think of the times when they were growing up and... I have empty nest syndrome..just me an dthe dog left, both children left in a two week period. Husband died in 1993 and I have spent my entire life caring for others, now I am really lost is in her Freshman year at college.

Lambright started at the candy shop in September and her great-grandmother, Martha Rose, worked at Neumeister’s when she was in her early 20s.

She hit out at the stand-up after the gig on Twitter, saying: 'Greg Davies was, as ever, amazing but support act @Barry Castagnola made a cheap joke about Down's Syndrome! 'Castagnola apologised in his own tweet, saying: 'I'm so sorry to have caused offence.

It's not in any way supposed to be a joke 'about' Down's Syndrome.

I apologised as soon as Mrs Hamill raised it with me and, as I told her, won't repeat it again.' Do you want to automatically post your Mail Online comments to your Facebook Timeline?

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I love them so much and I'm worried about them being so alone. " My oldest daughter (now almost 20) left for college in September, 2013, and I'm still having a very difficult time coping with it.

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