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On occasion, the family may opt for a private funeral service and burial and a public memorial service at a later time.Death notices in newspapers or online at funeral homes will indicate to you what type of service you are attending and where the service will be held.If you are attending a Jewish funeral service, it usually takes place in a Synagogue or funeral home one day after the death, but never happens on the Saturday Sabbath.Men are required to wear a head covering known as a kippah or yarmulke.As Ecclesiastes (it’s in the Bible) says, “there is a time to dance and a time to mourn.” A memorial service is not a time to dance.There may be smiles and slight laughs at a funeral as we remember the uniqueness of the person we are gathered to remember, but a Dean Martin-style roast it is not.If you do attend a “celebration” at a country club where liquor is served, go easy on it.

Presently, there are few carved-in-stone rituals, and people have questions about the etiquette surrounding death. If you learn of the death of someone whom you knew or if you discover that a relative or close friend of a co-worker or friend has died, you at first sit down at your desk, take out paper and an envelope and write a letter of condolence.There were things to do and one simply got on with doing them.The Victorians, for example, rarely if ever talked about sex in polite company, even within the circle of those of their same gender.and told you stories of dancing ’til dawn to the sounds of the Big Band orchestras. ” A few generations ago these questions would not have to be asked.After you put down the receiver, you wonder, “What do I do now? People conformed to established rituals surrounding death and grief without questioning them.

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