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It’s a shame, but unless I feel that the girl referred to at the start of this article is interested in offering something more tangible, or at the very least clarifies what she means by ‘go with the wind’, the only arrangement I will be agreeing to will be friends – minus the benefits.

Christine Allen is currently in her second year of a Springboard course for the unemployed in DCU.

Having since spoken to friends and classmates on the topic, I have been surprised to discover that many find such casual arrangements quite liberating, listing freedom to experiment and the lack of ‘stress’ associated with having to consider another person’s feelings as the main benefits.

However others, while expressing their ease in regard to dating multiple partners, have been more conservative in their views when it comes to having sex, regarding this as a no-no until exclusivity has been established.

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And if they can, is this really something to celebrate?And with regard to respect, is it really showing yourself respect if you continue to participate in a casual ‘relationship’ with someone whose feelings don’t match yours?In my opinion, ‘keeping it casual’ is a recipe for disaster.However, the last time I checked, feelings are fluid and have a habit of changing (often inconveniently) over time.So aren’t those two prerequisites inherently flawed?

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