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On occasion also, we must conduct our own lives so as to prevent our primary duty to our own family from being compromised or endangered by professional duties or relationships. Social As human beings, we are tempted by yetzer hara (evil inclination), particularly in the areas of substance abuse and sexuality.

However, our position as rabbis, teachers of moral standards, and models of moral behavior, demands of us adherence to an exemplary moral code.

We must, therefore, not engage in exploitative practices which destroy our moral integrity.

Introduction As rabbis, we are expected to abide by the highest moral values of our Jewish tradition: personal conscience and professional integrity, honorable social relationships, and the virtues of family life.

As teachers and role models, we are called upon to exemplify the ideals we proclaim.

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This includes behavior in family, social and financial affairs. Family Inevitably, rabbinic duties sometimes conflict with familial responsibility.

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