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How does this react with my skin to cure the problem?

An earlier questioner asked how metal blades in wet shavers lost their sharpness so easily on human hair.

Nathaniel, 'Nathy,' always felt this was thoughtful. " "Mmm-HMM," she piqued, with high brows, "we should stay in tonight." She still munched briskly, as the moment's silence grew. Weather is so bad, it stole the chair that 'news' was sitting in." She had that little flip in her voice that was more music than sarcasm. "I love you, Cecile." Nate said this furtively, but it was sincere. She entwined her arms, reaching and opening her entire length for him.

Apparently, a record snowfall was about to hit their city. Her thin fingertips let the fabric fall, revealing herself to him. His shirt hardly cleared his shoulders, when she saw his taut muscle. His arms were like a bed, holding and rocking her as he kissed and loved.

Cecile had worked at the local archives since college. Like the whole world was an airport, and she'd finally arrived... She was dazzled by the little flecks of ice in those eyes. His eyes relished the sight of her, and they told her as much. As he led her around the block, he admitted, "I won't follow you around all evening. She didn't break stride, and the two continued walking. He brushed his hands along her back, feeling edges of shoulder-blades. She was a twenty-something gifted with such pure, fey bosoms, young like budding spring.

She had a quick mind for library sciences, and supported her mother when she could. "Meer, ya stupit bitch..." That was when a voice called from across the street. Wherever you're headed, I'll walk the other way for three blocks. A dimple shone on his cheek, as he tried to pull his head down from the clouds. She dropped her head back and bridged her smooth chest, and he lifted her to his mouth.

her shorter, pixie-cut hair; the way her lips pointed out when she smirked, like the petals of a young flower... I don't have buddies that play football, and I'm obviously not your date. I'll walk you around the corner, at least." Nate was not a weightlifter or football titan.

her different clothes, her scarves, that little sway in her hips when he hugged her... He was in taekwondo as a kid, and was a competitive swimmer, so his average physique was solid.

There was a skinny dent by the ceiling from a wayward flying electric guitar, and the carpet was stomped flat from musicians rocking-out. Fridays and weekends, he and his buddies stayed up playing Barbarian Quest, cursing and laughing and bingeing on cheap pizza. It had all the living space of a low-budget Russian submarine, but with better decor. It had posters of rare 80s jazz-rock bands, and art that was somehow overlooked by The Louvre. If she had an expression of surprise, he didn't want them to see it.

This was like the eerie calm before a storm, or a battle, or a sneeze. Eventually, everything blew and you were left with stunned aftermath. The prediction said roads would be clear by next Wednesday. It was intense enough to make his face crinkle, like stones rippling water. When his shirt peeled from his arms, she saw the bend and pull of his chest. To Cecile, they were great protectors, and comforts, and grew from him like trees from a great mountain. Her belly felt the warmth of his trailing lips, and her ribs felt the press of his face, and she finally wrapped a leg around him.

Being snowed-in was like having more privacy than usual. His arms and shoulders were stacked full of waiting strength, ready for her. Those arms will hold me, and pin me, and cup my body into him... She discovered he was already naked, so she tried reaching for him. She trailed down his shoulder and arm, which was arced like a bow.

But are plants included in this universal common ancestor?

If so, are we linked to plants in very early stages of evolution?

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One answer said that alternating blades in a razor made each one last longer than if left in place until they became blunt.

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