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Stacked was hailed as the opposite of Cheers, instead of a smart person in a "dumb" place, it is based on the concept of a dumb person in a "smart" place.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has “climbed” a 2,744m mountain, state media claimed – apparently while wearing smart black leather shoes.The episodes as presented on the DVD set feature a truncated version of the opening theme.Bonus features include: Nipplegate: Getting Dressed With Pam, Show Us Your Bloopers, and Skyler Dayton's Guide To Dating.All of the books seen in the show are provided by Harper Collins, which, like Fox, is owned by News Corp.Books that are prominently displayed are based on The New York Times Best Seller list.

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  1. Old men of 50-70 years are hanging around Sihanoukville with their "girlfriends" in the age of "the younger the better". VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE Mototaxis or Tuc Tuc, if you like to go to the places, where you wish to meet ladies!