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If an interest in engineering has already been sparked in your teen, this should take it to the next level.Pros One of the most popular gifts for teen guys is the Phaint Headphones complete with an inline microphone control so your teenager can even use it as a communications device when plugged into his smartphone.The Porsche 911 GT3 comes with a collector’s book in full color detailing everything your teenager needs to know about the GT3 and Lego’s Technic series.BENEFITS Perfect for the teen with a technical bent that might even be a budding gear-head or engineering type!

In addition, 40 minutes of battery life will keep them busy until the next adventure on the horizon.

The over-ear design allows for optimum noise isolation so your adolescent will have the best listening experience.

The soft pads mold over the ear creating an excellent seal so that outside noise won’t get mixed into the acoustic sounds.

It’s got all the features of a classic grand tourer such as an aerodynamic body, a fully adjustable rear spoiler, authentic-looking set of rims, and highly-detailed brake calipers.

Check under the hood and you’ve got the replica of its iconic 3.8L Flat-6 direct fuel injection engine and a working double-clutch gearbox.

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If you’re on the lookout for really cool gifts for teenage guys, look no further because we’ve got 19 of the best and most popular for you.

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