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I wouldn't know what an i Pad was for the life of me, while Dylan navigates his favourite apps on his with an adroit flick of the hand.And alas, the closest my adventurous little boy will get to the freedom of playing outside with his mates is a play in the local park, a group of eagle-eyed parents keeping a watchful eye on proceedings.He was getting on with the important business of his day at pre-school.The premise of the Moochies gadget is the same and I'm sure it will prove uber-practical for older kids, wanting a bit of independence but at three, Dylan is never out of my sight, so it seems at £79.99 like a bit of an extravagance. Present me with an unexpected scenario though (heaven forbid, he disappeared on me) and I'm sure I'd be relieved at the extra surveillance.Jake is the perfect age for the watch, any younger and the child may not fully be aware of how to use it to maximum effect.It looks too babyish for older kids and once they can tell the time there are watches that look far cooler on the market.The reception was perfect and there was no muffled noises like you often find with walkie-talkies. We offer financing options for: Standard & Custom Power or Sail Boats, Multi-Hull Boats, Pontoon Boats, and Electric Boats 1998 model year and newer.

The application is for one static caravan and three touring caravans, as well as parking spaces for two cars.

When I heard that there was a watch, designed for children so able to survive a few knocks or splashes of water, that would allow me to be able to check the girls' location or call them via an app on my own smartphone I was intrigued.

Coming with £10 pre-paid credit (this can be further topped up in the same way as a mobile phone) the watch allows us to call her from our phones via the Moochies app and for two numbers to be registered that can be called direct from the watch itself.

I just can't help thinking this is a techy fad that, ultimately, both parents and kids will get bored of.

Admittedly, like the majority of parents, I watch my child like a hawk when out and about so this may not necessarily be a vital gadget to have, but what it does do is give peace of mind and that in itself is worth it.

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