List four types of radiometric dating

They were too busy trying to stay alive to create art.

This period used to end 2.5 million years ago when humans first started making tools, but geologists extended it to 1.6 million BCE, trapping the early Lower Paleolithic period in it.

About 2.5 million years BCE, some humans began to make stone tools (like very crude choppers and hand-axes), and newer species like Homo habilis and Homo rudolfensis emerged (brain capacity 590-690 cc).

By 2 million years BCE more species of humans appeared, such as Homo erectus (brain capacity 800-1250 cc).

(c.1.6m - 10,000 BCE) This is a geologic period that covers the earth's most recent glaciations.

It includes the later part of the Lower Paleolithic as well as the Middle and Upper Paleolithic periods.

The very early hominids included species like Australopithecus afarensis and Paranthropus robustus (brain capacity 350-500 cc).(Animal drawings using regular side-profiles, for instance, are typically older than those using three-quarter profiles.) For a chronological list of dates and events associated with Stone Age culture, see: Prehistoric Art Timeline.(c.5,300,000 BCE) This epoch begins roughly with the emergence of upright early hominids.Like its predecessor the Pleistocene, the Holocene epoch is a geological period, and its name derives from the Greek words ("holos", whole or entire) and ("kainos", new), meaning "entirely recent".It is divided into 4 overlapping periods: the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age), the Neolithic (New Stone Age), the Bronze Age and Iron Age.

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