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On 17 February 1745, the Surakarta Kingdom moved to a new opened forest named Sala Village and build their Royal Residential Palace and urban area with a 15 kilometers long of "Beteng Kraton" or Palace wall around it. The city wall that left is only about 10% from the real appearance.

The wall was protecting the inner "Kraton" or royal palace and some important places.Today the wall can't be seen as the original appearance.The most significant remain of the medieval fortifications which surrounded the town of Aarschot is a tower located on top of a hill just south of the old town, named the Aurelianustoren or Orleanstoren.The city of Binche sports the most intact set of city walls of Belgium.Built in 1230 AD, they are 2.1 kilometers long and sport about 30 towers.

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