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All items, all armor, purple power-up shot, Hadouken fireball, all Bosses defeated Enter 2656 6418 3242 as a password.

All armor, weapons, and items; at final fight with Sigma Enter 7437 6482 1256 as a password.

All items including Hadouken, all Bosses defeated Enter 2653 3848 7587 as a password.

All items, all turbo hearts, all Bosses defeated, all armor enhancements, and Hadouken Enter 8447 4626 6155 as a password.

All Bosses defeated; no items, armor, energy tank Enter 4723 2486 1324 as a password.

All items and weapons Enter 2653 3858 7584 as a password.

Armor, helmet, acceleration, several heart tanks, 3 sub-tanks (All Bosses are intact) Enter 1152 1176 2181 as a password.

Almost all heart tanks, 3 extra energy tanks, armor, helmet, boots, blaster Enter 6544 8278 6228 as a password.

Get Upgraded X-Buster early The Helmet, Boots, and some luck are required for this trick.Get on the cart just before the end, then jump over to the wall. Repeat this approximately five or six times until a capsule appears. Get all items, then successfully complete the Armored Armadillo level four times. To do the Fireball, press Down, Down/Forward, Forward.Your life meter must be full at the end of each time. Note: This status will not save and must be unlocked again with each new game session. Get all items, then play through the Armored Armadillo level five times getting the health item, then quitting after you get it. Get to the beginning part of the miners that throw picks at you.All weapons, no enemies defeated, full health Start the game and allow the demo to play until X uses the "homing missiles", then go to the password screen and enter 7443 2241 1221.It will sound as a "wrong" password, but the game will take you to the very beginning, with all weapons and full health (city level).

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All heart tanks, all sub-tanks, helmet, all armor, dash boots, and Launch Octopus, Storm Eagle, Flame Mammoth, Chill Penguin, and Boomer Kuwranger defeated Enter 3673 3168 5574 as a password.

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