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Out of the many incidents that happen everyday in Venezuela, one of the most recent one seems to be the death of a lion named Casimiro because of the wounds inflicted on him by some of the zoo visitors.The people of Venezuela are also known to chase, whip and slaughter animals such as horses and wild geese.If you take a look at the history of Greece, you’d be able to see how they poison innocent animals, keeping dogs in chains and not feeding them and also tying little chicks in a plastic bag and disposing them off.Similar to Greece, the people of Romania are also known for their barbaric behavior when it comes to treating animals in the right way.Most of the countries abuse helpless animals such as cats, dogs, cows etc.

Changes are now starting to develop in China, and hopefully in the next 10 years, there would be laws to protect these helpless animals.When it comes to animal cruelty, Greece can send shivers up your back.Greece is known for poisoning cats and dogs, killing wolves and also slaughtering sea turtles.China is another place animals wouldn’t want to be living in.The Chinese not only don’t care for the animals but they’re well known for their shameful acts such as skinning of live foxes and other furry animals.

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  1. Sa loob ng 12 araw bago sumapit ang Pasko, ang kalendaryong ito ay magsisilbing reperensya sa mga banal na kasulatan tungkol sa pagsilang at buhay ng Tagapagligtas at mga aktibidad na magagawa ninyo para maging higit na katulad ni Cristo.