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I would love to travel around the world in a Yacht. Backpack Asia and do a bit of Island hopping in the Caribbean.

I am originally from Norway, lived in London from I was 18, so 15 years, I have now lived in Malta for a couple of months, so Im fairly new here.

The Pontiff sported his black eye as he met with former Prime Minister Blair at St Peter's Square in the Vatican, just days after bruising his face when his motorcade came to an abrupt halt in Colombia.

More than 2.5million pilgrims visit the town of Medjugorje each year to catch a sighting of the Virgin Mary.

Russia 24's main objective is to provide viewers the latest information from all regions of the country.

Russia 24 airs world's major news, as well as news of the economy, sports, culture, high technology, special reports, investigative, live broadcasts of public, political and other events.

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We have become so close as friends we have adopted each other as forgotten sisters!

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I never thought such a friendship could ever be found. Many thanks - Gloria We met through your site with a 98% compatibility.

With your site I always felt very safe replying to letters. We are 'totally' compatible in everything we do, say, feel, like and enjoy. However, a million thanks since through you I have found my soul mate and life partner - Nigel.

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A decision by Pope Francis, pictured at his weekly general audience, to treat 2100 people in Rome to a day out at the circus has angered animal rights activists who claim the gesture of kindness involves exploitation.

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