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But in a research paper on slum upgrading and land tenure, Paul Syagga, a professor of land economics at the University of Nairobi, argues that (pdf, pg.

6) obtaining land tenure could encourage slum dwellers to upgrade their dwellings to meet regulation, and protect them against harassment and forced evictions.

''These people wouldn't live here if they had anywhere else to go,'' said Sister Patricia.

They're drawn by the prospect of work and more are coming all the time." It would make more sense if I were to meet some of the residents, she suggested.

In fact, all these kids are malnourished.'' The situation should improve, however, when Mrs Nwokocha gets the market stall she has long coveted.

She has been accepted into a scheme run by the nuns to set up women in petty trading: old clothes, bottles or simple foodstuffs. We make our way through the smoke-filled corridor - some families are cooking on charcoal stoves - and into the mire of the street.

Yemi Akintimehin, a 33-year-old health worker who grew up here, would take me along on one of her home visits to a slum where people walked in mud, the roads were strewn with refuse and there were waist- high piles of rubbish.

Josephine Nwokocha, the object of the visit, lives in a room with her husband and six children.

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An innovative new form of architecture, argues Adeyemi, could revolutionize these communities, and make them less vulnerable to the elements. Two years ago, Adeyemi developed a floating school in Makoko, a water slum home to over 100, 000 people in Lagos, Africa’s second largest city.

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