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offers a look at characters played by Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Martine Mc Cutcheon, Bill Nighy and Liam Neeson 14 years after the original film premiered—toting the cards made infamous by Lincoln's character Mark.

a movie about teenage sexuality, and the damage it can cause.

dropped Monday, the final installment in the wildly popular erotic romance trilogy.

Where the teaser whipped fans into excitement over Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan) and Anastasia Steel's (Dakota Johnson) long-awaited wedding ceremony and vow exchange, this longer glimpse features plenty more danger, action and you guessed it, sex!

The movie follows Abigail (Quinn Shephard, who also directs), a high schooler reemerging after a stint in a psych ward.

She starts a friendship with her English teacher Jeremy, played by Chris Messina, which teeters on the edge of inappropriate.

As the trailer shows, she's getting an office and a big promotion in is expected to hit theaters on Valentine's Day and it's currently running with the tagline, "Don't miss the climax," which is, well, fitting.

Alas, you’ve still got a while longer until you can check out the movie in full: A near-certain Oscar contender, Guadagnino’s film won’t be released until November 24.

But do parents know such trailers exist, and could their kids be accessing them with an easy swipe of an i Pad screen?

Red-band trailers are advertisements for upcoming films that display a red background (in place of the usual green background) signaling that the upcoming two and a half minutes contain content featuring sex, violence and profanity.

A teaser released last week saw Christian and Ana all smiles on a jet ski interspersed with scenes of her in the middle of a car chase and getting intimate with the BDSM-loving Mr. As to be expected from this dramatic book-to-movie franchise, the honeymoon season doesn't last for long.

Picking up where This isn't all surprising, though.

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