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best thing to do is be pacient and let capcom decide before we make our own decisions.

:) i have been doing research on the rosario vampire capu2 or other way to say it season 2. after i watched the season 2 of rosario vampire, i began my research on season 3. The way the anime series ended was one of those "it can go any way" endings, my thought is they left it open in case they would be back to make a third season.

i don't know about a season 3 but as most of you i think we really what it out and a few more seasons after so if you think so plz vota as the best and this comment might get noticed so just see this as a rally for more seasons ty all nerdybanana is right, prob sometime the market gets higher i think.

it will suck if they just end it i just hope they keep this Rosary Vampire anima Alive !!!!!

i have friends that work at king records and one of the said that it has been classified from the other people who are working at king records. This also means that they can go ahead and close it there (if they haven't already).

but one of thr workers took a copy from the main office and he said that there is a 39% chance that it there will be not a season 3. Idk if there is a season 3 i dont think they would make it until they get a little bit into season 3 of the manga considering a lot of complaints ive seen about the manga and the anime of capu 2 being very different, I would just think they would want to avoid that so they should see where the writer is going for sure this time but that's just my guess. Luckily with netflix breathing new life into it, new fans are appearing. The manga is getting to the climax and will wrap up soon, if the manga is going to end after season 2, then there is little chance of there being a season 3 for the anime.

They just acquired 6,000 to teach some students how to animate.

They are using the money to finish the anime they are working on right now call "Ryo" or something (Who cares, right?

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