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His quiet dignity and poise apart from his signature white attire and hat, made him a striking picture of health and elegant calm. A temporal recognition by those who you dont know and whose concern for you is ephemeral.. ‘Fame is a vapour, popularity an accident; the only certainty is oblivion” ‘chal akela chal akela chal akela- tera mela peechhe chhota rahi chal akela’.perhaps what he bids us adieu with..Who could have imagined that after the adulation and celebration of an hour of the show, he returns to an almost monastic solitude of either a Hotel room or an adopted family !! ‘Phir miloge kabhi is baat ka vaada kar lo, humse ek aur mulaqat ka vaada kar lo‘.probably what the heart yearns to say..AB sr retired hurt with a stung wrist and AB jr and Agastya continued for a while, without any result !!The festive season has begun and preparations for the days to follow are being discussed.My father always said “chadhte sooraj ko hi salaam hai”.. In the days of yore, when his contemporaries were stalwarts who were steeped in classical training like S. Burman, Naushad, Jaidev, Madan Mohan, he was perhaps the only music director who could not read music and had no classical training.Who worships the setting sun, its only the rising which is heralded. Imossible to believe if you hear ‘Chhota sa balma, anknhiyan neend chura le gayo” or ‘ woh hans ke mile humse’. His heart spoke and he recorded music which has eventually defied time. None can replicate him and never will there be another Nayyar saab.. The sadness that creeps in at such news is beyond mere words. reliving the days of school and college competitions when many of his compositions had led me to the coveted goal. Let us feel solace in the fact that he perhaps lives on in his melodies, and will continue to do so for aeons.

His signature tune with the hoof clicks in songs like ‘Maang ke saath tumhaara‘ or ‘haule haule saajna’ from Saawan Ki ghata, was unprecedented.*********************************** Sohail Rana music composer from Pakistan famed for the hauntingly melodious ghazal, one of my absolute favourites ‘..speaks emotionally of his last call to O. Ashwini Karandikar, his adopted daughter too has left a comment, on her life with the legend. Ashraft through his comment has informed us of his passion for O. Nayyar’s music and that he has laboriously collected every single song composed by the maestro. 44800 views Update: This post on O P Nayyar carries the unique distinction with the highest number of views and comments on any maestro on the web. ***************************** Who can forget the lilting, romantic numbers unforgettable renderings, which had a distinct feel, recognisable in the choice of accompaniments, the piano, sax, acoustics and then the soulful strain of melody.. Apparently, his family had forsaken him and he had to seek refuge with some kindly souls who took him in as their guest…for the last few years.reported . May his soul rest in peace and in the knowledge that he is loved, admired, respected and will never be forgotten.. He suffered a cardiac arrest all of a sudden, probably still under the care of his foster family, in Thane.destituteness of his last 12 years, when his family allegedly forsake him, a witness to the vagaries of life…sad but true. The news that fate had dealt him a rather severe hand, chokes one with despair.

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