Volunteer dating service

From the comfort of their own home, anyone can create a free account on this website and search for opportunities to volunteer.

If you put in your skills, interests, and location, Volunteer Match will make it even easier and recommend causes to you via email.

Based on your skills and interests, Volunteer Match will suggest opportunities in your area.

It’s a perfect way to meet someone special who shares your love of the arts, animals, children, health, housing, or community involvement.

You can also search for group volunteer opportunities if you want to make a date out of it.

Over the last couple decades, the site has seen about 96 million unique visitors, so if you’re looking for a way to get active and meet people, you’re not alone.

Volunteer Match estimates their social value — the worth of all those volunteer man hours — is around billion.

From crisis support to tutoring, there are a variety of service areas to browse through, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

I’ll come then, too.” They even organized a potluck on Election Day.

I’ve seen strangers become best pals in a matter of weeks, so I know the unique social opportunity that Volunteer Match provides by connecting people with nonprofits.

For many of my happy-go-lucky volunteers, door-knocking became a social outing.

My regulars took to asking, “Well, when’s Raynelle coming?

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Find out how your skills can lead to a rewarding experience by logging on and searching for upcoming events.

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