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City of Carrollton police detective who questioned Christina Boyer and David Herrin at the hospital and police station. According to Boyer, he never told her that he had been fired. In the first quote, he is discussing returning from job-hunting on the morning of Amber's death, having left Boyer and Amber alone at the trailer, and mentions his intention to attend the special occasion of Easter church services that upcoming Sunday. He unfortunately chose to pay for cable TV service for his trailer instead of a potentially life-saving telephone.

He drove heavy delivery trucks for three companies throughout the southeast United States without the necessary commercial driver's license. Here he is questioned by his attorney and responds as if following a script.

Chairman Hunt, in a written response, refused reconsideration and let the Board's decision stand. How could she be guilty of any murder when no one claims that she was even present? Boyer could not have even been charged with these crimes. ." Christina Boyer has been in jail / prison in this case since the age of 22. The name of Amber's biological father is known privately and Boyer says he has expressed support for her release from prison; however, his identity will not be revealed on this web page without his permission. Boyer's new boyfriend of less than two months in early 1992 and who was babysitting Amber when she died. Herrin's rented trailer where Amber died was just outside of the Carrollton city limits. Herrin described Amber acting "normal" and being "as happy as could be" watching cartoons, talking, eating various meals, and playing indoors and outdoors throughout the day while alone with him for nearly six hours, which would be inconsistent with a child suffering from an acute internally bleeding head injury.: . or beginning with the injury there may be very rapid decrease in those symptoms but there is not going to be a long period of normalcy.: As I said before, the symptoms should begin immediately, but they may be very slight and they may deteriorate slowly and then rapidly at the very end, or they may deteriorate very rapidly from the onset, but the symptoms are not going to commence hours after the injury.: And, Doctor, what would we expect to see, behavior wise, out of a child that had that type of injury?

Attorney Allen was a former Assistant District Attorney in the Tallapoosa Judicial Circuit in Georgia. And following that line of reason, how could she be guilty of not getting medical aid for the child, when she did not know of what occurred at the home until after the fact? This testimony of the medical examiner would have been on the record for all to know. She was officially arrested on April 16, 1992 (the date the arrest warrant was issued), but had been in custody since April 14, 1992. Find a Grave (The photos of Amber appearing on the website are authentic and were downloaded from an earlier version of this web page by someone on that site.) David Herrin . Boyer had been dating Herrin for a month and a half to two months, but knew him for a period of time before that as an acquaintance because he had been dating a friend of hers. Full name: David Paul Herrin, also known as David P. He was charged with the same crimes as Boyer (see the indictment at the bottom of this page), but with no death sentence possibility, and was convicted only of "cruelty to childen." He was paroled on November 16, 2011, five months before the end of his 20-year sentence to a Carrollton, Georgia address believed to be the residential home of a relative. In other words, what outside symptoms would there appear to be in a child's behavior who had that fatal injury?

The licensed professional counselor with a masters degree in psychology whose home Boyer was at working on a book manuscript when Amber died at Herrin's trailer, about a 20 minute drive away. Lagle was one of the researchers in Chapel Hill, North Carolina who assisted Dr. Herrin saw no bruises on Amber on April 9th, the day before he was fired. The injury was so minor, in fact, there would have been no symptoms for Boyer to be aware of and it would not show up on an X-ray.

Skandalakis and Assistant District Attorney Anne Allen alleged — of her three-year-old daughter Amber, who had died over two and a half years earlier on April 14, 1992 in Carrollton, Georgia. He set Boyer's trial, which subsequently did not happen, to begin on Halloween, October 31, 1994. The Chief Judge of the Carroll County, Georgia Superior Court who presided over the trial of David Herrin. 31, 1996 and died on September 29, 2001 of Parkinson's disease. Credit: Public domain record of the State of Georgia, United States of America. charges you, Christina Boyer, with the offense of aggravated assault. Medical examiner who performed Amber's autopsy and was the State's chief medical witness. She was Boyer's alibi witness, yet she was never contacted or interviewed by Boyer's attorney, who instead relied on police statements. : I graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 1982. He died on April 28, 2008 at age 56, cause of death not available. Mentioned in the book and parapsychological journals. I also perform my job with some of the outlying counties as well.The range of the evidence in respect to time and place must be such as reasonably to exclude the possibility of presence." The following is an excerpt of a May 20, 2008 letter mailed to the then Board of Pardons and Paroles Chairman Garland R. (The paranormal case is discussed elsewhere on this website.) Official current prison info Amber Gail Bennett . Bennett is the last name of one of Boyer's divorced husbands, but who had no biological relation to Amber. Amber was alive when Boyer left, deceased when she returned.Hunt asking him to reconsider Boyer's case after the Board had rejected her for parole or pardon in 19. If Herrin's trial had come first (from where this testimony comes) then Ms. Boyer was 19, less than a month before turning 20, when Amber was born. Boyer's court-appointed Georgia attorney in the early 1990s. He was a private practive attorney at the time with death penalty case experience and agreed to take the case because no public defenders were available. In the testimony below, medical examiner Dunton is referring to Amber's death as a result of an acute subdural hematoma, in which symptoms occur rapidly after a head injury, as opposed to the subacute or chronic kind, in which slower bleeding is involved. it's hard to conceive that there would be any significant period of time following such an injury that the child seems perfectly fine and then later the symptoms kick in. Either there's going to be injury and then starting a very slow deterioration of her consciousness and her activity and her appetite, etc.

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