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Website Design ▪ Website design is simple but looks nice.

There’s a nice background picture which gives some calm feeling. If you scroll down a bit, there’s short and brief information about herpes and website itself.

I'm married now btw to another woman who I love very much. And congrats and finding/marrying the woman you are with today. Let's be honest, I'm a little late to this thread, but you're the one that actually fired me up enough with your posts to come out and actually say something.

More below, you can find blogs posts which are accessible without logging in.

▪ After registration, users interface looks welcoming and all features are pointed out.

I can't say my experience was great overall, but I realize every situation is different so I wouldn't generalize.

I wouldn't say yes/no completely as to whether this is a good idea.

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Oh and btw, last time I checked stripping is legal where drug dealing is not.

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